Alammex is a liquidity aggregator for Algorand, offering best route discovery between any token pair that has liquidity in the ecosystem.

Why Alammex?

  • Best price, guaranteed: Alammex will always provide the best quote for any swap, compared to any single DEX.

  • Speed: Alammex fetches quotes extremely fast (~1-2 seconds).

  • Profit-Based Commissions: Alammex will only charge a commission if it is able to make a profit for the user (compared to the best individual DEX). The majority of profits go to the user, and the commission is only charged if all swap transactions succeed.

  • Secure: Alammex only leverages smart contracts that have been audited by trusted sources and endorsed by the Algorand Foundation.

  • Transparent: All costs are displayed up front. What you see is what you get!

The basic flow

  1. User enters in the tokens they want to swap.

  2. User enters in the amount of tokens they want to swap for (fixed input or fixed output).

  3. Alammex calculates out all the possible routes for the token swap.

  4. Alammex fetches the quotes for each of those routes and returns the amount of tokens you will receive per route. This includes all fees.

  5. Alammex ranks each route by most tokens you will receive (or least tokens you will pay, for fixed output), and displays the swap details for the best route.

  6. User clicks to trigger a swap.

  7. User approves the Alammex transactions from their wallet. This may include extra transactions for opting into necessary assets and applications.

  8. Alammex executes the swap.

Want to deep dive?

Dive a little deeper and explore how Alammex offers best route discovery.

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